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SAYCO PAINTS: Specially formulated and manufactured exclusively for PETER J. SAYADOFF, INC. SAYCO LATEX SEMIGLOSS OFF-WHITE, SAYCO FLAT CEILING WHITE, AND SAYCO WHITE EGGSHELL all have unprecedented coverage of color for commercial and residential projects. We also have a multitude of colors in our SAYCO PORCH AND DECK line.

SAYCO BRUSHES: A full line of quality brushes manufactured expressly for PETER J. SAYADOFF, INC.

PPG INDUSTRIES: The Pittsburgh Paint Voice of Color System gives you over 1,800 colors-from Acorn Squash to Allspice, Derby Green to Dover Gray, Scotch Mist to Soft Suede. Pittsburgh alsos has an exceptional selection of warm, cool, and neutral shades; not to mention more whites and off-whites, many with subtle undertones of pink, blue, or yellow to complement any decor.

Pittsburg Paint School
Lucite Products
Olympic Paints and Stains
High Performance Coatings

INSL-X / SAPOLIN PRODUCTS: Quality producer of specialty, industrial, and architectural paints and coatings including Aqua Lock, Prime Lock, Seal Lock, Prep-A-Wall and Insl-Thane; as well as a complete line of special purpose coatins such as Epoxy Floor Coating Systems, Traffic Marking, and Swimming Pool Paints.

MISCELLANEOUS: Many varied top-name brands including Lynn Ladder, Warner, Wooster, MMM, Bruning, DAP, Hyde, Zinsser, and many more too numerous to mention supply our store with a full stock of miscellaneous and varied items to meet all of your painting needs.

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